Friday, April 07, 2023

Random Thoughts

He has a lot of ideas and so must not be in power. ~ There are teams that use the map more than the windshield. ~ Some people who would be wary of making a decision based on what happened three weeks ago have no problem basing their decisions on what happened three years ago. ~ It is very easy to underestimate patience. ~ Organizations, not people, can die of a low-grade fever. ~ A lot of problems are enthusiastically invited by the Human Resources Department. ~ If you want to know the root cause of many difficulties, examine the agendas of professional conferences for the past ten years. ~ No subject is so trivial that it cannot become a matter of national urgency. ~ I worry less about the charlatans than I do about the corporate executives who give them bundles of money. ~ Which current authors could match the ones writing for pulp fiction magazines in the Forties and Fifties? ~ Those who downplay the risks of artificial intelligence don't answer the most important question: What if you are wrong? ~ Snake oil is often sold in impressive buildings by people with a lot of letters after their names. ~ Press secretaries are a signal of how an organization regards your intelligence. ~ Beware of those who would rather shape the news than report it. ~ It is very rare to hear someone confess to abusing a virtue. ~ Dictators never have any problems filling stormtrooper and commissar positions. ~ When considering what policies can do for people, also consider what they can do to people. ~ All organizations drift but they never drift into greatness.

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