Monday, May 08, 2023

What Sort of People Are We Producing?

Once glance at social media and news stories and it is evident that we need to think more about what different laws, policies, and behaviors do to people. 

Are they encouraging:

  • Responsibility or Irresponsibility?
  • Courage or Fear?
  • Candor or Cowardice?
  • Strength or Weakness?
  • Initiative or Passivity?
  • Intellectual Curiosity or Indifference?
  • Sophistication or Crudeness?
  • Maturity or Childishness?
  • Self-Discipline or Instant Gratification?
  • Cleanliness or Filth?
  • Kindness or Cruelty?
  • Vigor or Sloth?
  • Show or Substance?
  • Fame or Achievement?
  • Advance or Decline?

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