Thursday, March 21, 2024

Some Thoughts on Behalf of Job Applicants

 Remember the old days when you could attach your resume to job applications? Remember making copies of your CV so it could be enclosed with a cover letter? One you mailed via the postal system?

Those were not necessarily pleasant tasks, but they greatly differed from a world in which you must apply online and complete a questionnaire tailored to each organization.

I realize that there are job search outfits that will automatically send your "application" off to a legion of employers; so much, in fact, that you may receive calls inviting you to interviews for jobs you never knowingly applied for.

My main point, however, is that the new system was designed with HR, not the applicant, in mind.

Job searches were difficult enough in the old days without complicating the process.

[Another thing from days gone by: It was standard to receive rejection letters. I now hear of employers who never send rejection letters. That practice is rude and a very poor public relations practice.]

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