Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Bureaucracy Busting: Lazy Conspiracies

 Most of us are not inclined to believe in conspiracies, especially after having seen how much organizational misconduct can be more accurately linked to ignorance and blundering than to intentional direction.

That does not mean that conspiracies don't exist but that they aren't as numerous as might be suspected.

But what about lazy conspiracies? By that I mean the little practices that come into being by design and then are not maintained by a cadre of conspirators but by simple inattention and inertia?

I've seen several of those and they are impressive. Once launched, they can drift along for years under titles that are as inaccurate as they are bland. Their budgets are automatically approved. Their results are not scrutinized.

And all that those who favor their slant need to do is keep quiet about them.


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