Friday, May 10, 2024


 If I correctly understand many in the news media, the side that favors strong protection of freedom of speech, objective journalism, a greater emphasis on individual rights, viewpoint diversity in universities, strict law enforcement, a healthy federal system, smaller government, reduced governmental spending, protection of personal property, equal opportunity, courts that strictly follow the text of the law, protection of freedom of religion, protection of the right to bear arms, protection of children and parental rights, more transparency in schools, greater accountability for academic standards, protection against FBI and CIA misconduct, protection of women's sports, protection against privacy intrusions by government and big tech, increased treatment of the mentally ill, secure borders, legal immigration, fewer military involvements, maintaining the filibuster, greater controls on nuclear proliferation, a simplified tax code, more marriages and families, no funding of terrorist groups, support of Israel, more consumer choice when it comes to appliances, protection against "debanking" actions, and a greater reliance on common civility is the side that imperils democracy.

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