Monday, March 27, 2006

After Your Speech

Stephen D. Boyd has some good tips on what to do after your speech.

I like the part about keeping track of stories and examples that were used so you don't repeat them at a later date. (Although I've had some clients sign up to attend the same presentation over and over just because they like the subject. They say they learn something new each time. I hope they are right.)

An additional step I'd suggest: Know what the previous speakers said. I attended a dinner once where a politician told a humorous story. Another politico arrived later, was introduced, and then proceeded to tell the same story.

At first, the audience thought it was done on purpose, but then, as it became evident that there would be no deviation, chuckles began. The speaker, thinking he was succeeding beautifully, responded with enthusiasm and continued with the story. The chuckles then turned to laughter, even before the punch line had been delivered. Someone should have slipped him a note, but no one did. I'm sure he remembers that evening and cringes.

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