Saturday, March 25, 2006

Demonstrations and Wrong Signals

I'm wondering if these huge rallies against immigration legislation will wind up having a counter-effect.

For one thing, many of the people interviewed in articles admit that they are here illegally. As a result, the size of the rallies seems to confirm the claims of those arguing in favor of restrictions that the borders are out of control. There are many great arguments in favor of immigration, but "I got here illegally and you should accommodate me" is not one of them.

Mexico's objections to a fence are equally unpersuasive. If Mexico, for some reason, decided to build a fence to prevent Americans from entering illegally and the American government protested, that would be rightly seen as an arrogant infringement upon Mexico's rights. Border restrictions, of course, are not focused solely on Mexican immigrants. Will South American nations be able to produce enough jobs for their populations? If those jobs are not produced, where will those people go? Will Mexico welcome them to stay or simply send them north?

Debates should be held on how to create a reasonable immigration policy but while this is occurring - and it will take time - the border has to be stabilized. Or are the protesters aiming for de facto repeal and nonenforcement of the current immigration laws? If they want to repeal those laws, let their supporters in Congress submit legislation to that effect.

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