Friday, December 29, 2006

The West's Fatal Bugs

Daniel Pipes, in a thought-provoking article, notes that the comparisons with past victories over Nazism and Communism may mislead us and that the Islamists can win:

What have Islamists to compare with the Wehrmacht or the Red Army? The SS or Spetznaz? The Gestapo or the KGB? Or, for that matter, to Auschwitz or the Gulag? Yet, more than a few analysts, including myself, worry that it's not so simple.

Islamists (defined as persons who demand to live by the sacred law of Islam, the Shari'a) might in fact do better than the earlier totalitarians. They could even win. That's because, however strong the Western hardware, its software contains some potentially fatal bugs. Three of them - pacifism, self-hatred, complacency - deserve attention.

Read his entire article here.

[It reminds me of the saying to the effect that man may be a more highly advanced creature than a crocodile but that is not an advantage when swimming the Nile.]

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