Thursday, January 25, 2007

Is Supersonic Back?

Remember the Concorde?

Writing in Wired, Daniel Gross notes two companies that are striving to bring back supersonic air travel.

An excerpt:

The business case for the planes presumes sales of 300 such jets over 10 years at $80 million each - a $24 billion market. Analysts say that, given recent trends, such assumptions aren’t unreasonable. The private-jet business has risen from $3 billion in deliveries in 1996 to about $16 billion in 2006 (bigger than the market for fighter planes). Boeing and Airbus each produce about 10 luxury jets for private use annually, which sell for $45 million to $60 million apiece, while Gulfstream produces 30 to 35 planes a year that go for $45 million or more a pop.

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