Thursday, January 25, 2007

Raised by Wolves

Over the years, I've seen or heard of some managers who appear to have been raised by wolves. Some examples:

  • One manager, during important group meetings with clients, would inexplicably wander off to get coffee or thumb through a business magazine.
  • Another manager would astound others at business lunches by attacking his food with the intensity and manners of a ravenous beast, scattering crumbs and spilling food.
  • Still another would spring up shortly before the end of business presentations, interrupting the speaker and causing others to wonder what was behind the hurried exit.

What has surprised me is how seldom such managers are helped or confronted. Manners are regarded as private territory - some arcane skill that the parents should have taught - and so the person is permitted to continue with these potentially career-killing habits.

It's a real shame because failing to address the behavior is not an act of kindness.

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