Saturday, September 29, 2007

Attention Must Be Paid

Another home run from Adrian Savage at Slow Leadership on the oft-neglected topic of paying attention. My favorite line: "Multitasking is a badge of stupidity, not a mark of toughness."

An excerpt:

You have only 100 percent. So if you split it between two actions, whatever you earmark to each one must add up to 100 percent. Split it evenly and each gets no more than 50 percent. Favor one task over the other and one gets maybe 60 or 70 percent and the other 30 to 40 percent. People who way they juggle four or five tasks at once, can’t give any of them more than about 20 percent of attention. Ask yourself this question. What tasks can you do well on 10 to 20 percent attention—or less?

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