Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jury Service?

The celebrities assembled last week by the Postal Service to launch a new stamp in honor of jury duty had one thing in common: none had ever served on a jury. “I’ve been down here, but I was never picked,” Bernadette Peters said, as she waited for the ceremony to begin, in the rotunda of the New York County Courthouse building downtown. Ditto Cindy Adams, the Post gossip columnist. Paulina Porizkova, the model, recalled, “When I was called, I was pregnant, and I wasn’t hormonally ready for a jury.” The actor Richard Thomas is in the middle of a national run as Juror No. 8 in the stage version of “Twelve Angry Men.” “According to the rules of show business, that entitles me to speak as an expert,” he said.

Jeffrey Toobin notes the issuance of a postage stamp honoring jury duty.

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