Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Customer Service: A Key Lesson

One of toughest lessons to teach new employees in the workforce is a simple guiding service principle: They don’t care about you.

The lesson goes like this: The person on the other end of the line or across from you doesn’t care about you or your problems; they just want to be taken care of. They want what they paid for. They don’t care that you are having a rough day. They don’t care that you don’t feel well. They don’t care that your mother is in the hospital and you are worried about her. They don’t care that you are running late UNLESS it affects how you deliver what they paid for.

It goes even further. They don’t care that the weather is horrible. They don’t care that your car broke down and you had a bad call or experience just before you talked to them. They usually don’t even care when they seem as though they do.

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1 comment:

Bob said...

Remind's me of a T-shirt slogan

"I am not paid enough to be nice to you!"

Which begs the question how much does niceness cost?