Thursday, March 31, 2016

Old Friend

I watched a spring training game with an old friend the other day. 

He is a retired attorney. We go way back to when both of us worked for the city government; a time when we formed an alliance to combat the weasels du jour. His knowledge of baseball is formidable and it is a pleasure to hear his views on the records and experience of the players but most of the time was spent catching up.

He almost died a few years ago following an arcane medical emergency that involved a massive loss of blood. I told him then that such developments are unacceptable and that he should plan on staying around for a while, if only to spare me the hassle of visiting the hospital.

Old friends are comfortable. You don't need to make conversation, it just arrives, and we're way past needing to impress one another, if that need was ever present.

Our team lost. We barely noticed.

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