Monday, March 21, 2016

"The Obama Doctrine"

The Atlantic: Jeffrey Goldberg's now-famous article about President Obama.

One of the first things I like to learn about executives is how they think. This article is quite revealing in that respect.


Bob W said...

This is a fascinating article. It helps me better understand his thinking, even though I still don't agree with it, at all. You can't divorce what is happening in Syria to what occurred just today in Brussels. Chaos breed chaos, and order breeds order. Chaos spreads, and while he may view what happened today in Brussels as acceptable, and just something we'll need to learn to live with, I don't. I am still very disturbed by his continuous use of strawman arguments to justify his actions as well. He would say my "order breeds order" statement means that I favor authoritarian rule--of course I don't. And he thinks he is the most nuanced President in history....

Michael Wade said...


What he calls nuanced others would call shallow. There is a lot there of the faculty lounge at Columbia.