Friday, July 01, 2016

Small Pleasures

Let's admit it, There are some films that are unusual and some are so bad that they are good. Here is a partial list and yes, some of these are genuinely good. You'll spot them. Please feel free to submit suggestions or to make confessions.


Steve said...

The Fifth Element is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Michael Wade said...


That is one bizarre film. Bizarre and fun.


Crusty Old HR Manager said...

Call me silly but I loved Home Alone specifically for Daniel Stern's performance in trying to negotiate ice-covered steps leading to the basement door. Pure, expertly-executed slapstick. The crow bar was the icing on the cake.

Michael Wade said...


I love Home Alone for that scene and several others. They paid attention to the details and the crow bar is an excellent example.

And let's not forget The Kenosha Kickers.

Great stuff.