Friday, August 19, 2016

Random Thoughts

There should be a statue to the inventor of orange marmalade. ~ Never underestimate the anger of otherwise good people who have been caught committing a grave injustice. ~ Most of today's achievements will be inadvertently attained. ~ Once we embrace the habit of seriously noticing things our mental "eyesight" enormously improves. ~ It is good that so many of our leaders and trend-setters are at a distance. That spares us the embarrassment of having taken them seriously. ~ The biggest challenge we face today is not climate change. It is mustering the will to combat evil. ~ Two subjects worthy of further study are the fall of Rome and the start of the First World War. ~ People joke about herding cats but the decline in attention spans may make that a more common chore. ~ Past generations had many flaws but they did not honor weakness. ~ Modern journalism seeks less to inform and more to sway. ~ Take frivolous books, food, and entertainment in very small doses. ~ A good day starts with serious coffee. ~ Many who oppose religion in politics make politics their religion. ~ There are days when my best thinking occurs while shaving. ~ In the name of knowledge let's hope that someone high in a European government was keeping a secret diary on the deliberations that produced their immigration policies. ~ A hot shower, clean sheets, and a good book make a grand end to most days. ~ It helps to remember that imagination is both an ally and a foe.


Eclecticity said...

Would love to have a book of all of your Random Thoughts. Is that on the docket? I would give them to good friends. No pearls to the swine. E.

Michael Wade said...


Thank you. A Random Thoughts book is on the docket!


david trautman said...

You compress a lifetime of timeless advice into the smallest space possible. Thanks!
david trautman

Michael Wade said...


That is very kind of you and it is deeply appreciated.