Saturday, October 08, 2016

Americana: A Trip to Yuma

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I was in Yuma for a board meeting for the Arizona Historical Society. The night before the meeting I attended an exhibit opening at The Sanguinetti Museum and stayed at a hotel where I could look across the Colorado River into California. Nearby was the Old Territorial Prison. I usually drop by the prison so I can check out the river from a large guard tower that once held a Gatling gun but this trip's schedule did not permit such pleasures.

Following Friday's meeting - long but productive - I took to the highway. The Border Patrol checkpoint just outside of town was doing spot checks and many of us were waved through. Their drug-sniffing dogs were on break.

A Mexican radio station is my numero uno choice for the highway out of Yuma because it has a powerful signal plus, in-between commentary in Spanish, you get old American rock and pop music. They have good taste and were with me until Gila Bend ("Home of 1700 Friendly People and 5 Old Crabs") where I switched to KBAQ, Phoenix's classical music station. From that point on it was through the desert and farmland and into the lights of the Valley of the Sun.

It's good to be back.

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