Friday, December 30, 2016

Flying Lesson

I went out in 1928 or '29 and I started taking flying lessons for $10 an hour, and when I had 10 hours, I soloed, and so it cost me a hundred dollars. Had no ground school. About all I knew is one wing had a red light on it and the other had a green light, and nothing at all about weather. They didn't tell us a thing about it. They never taught us spins, and the first goddamn time I went up with a passenger, I said, 'Well, I'll give her a tight circle over her house.' I did, it flipped over and started to spin, and I said, 'Jesus Christ!' So I let go of everything, and by God, it just came right out. I put both hands on that stick, shaking like a dog, flew it back to the airport, and went home and got drunk.'

- Barry Goldwater, quoted in Flying magazine, January 2017

[HT: Bill Wade]

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