Wednesday, December 28, 2016


People get distracted. They don't always listen carefully. They daydream, fantasize, get angry, hold grudges, become irrational, procrastinate, over-promise, and forget, They whip out prejudices from their childhood and you might tick them off by simply walking into the room. They can be hugely generous and gigantically selfish. They can be indifferent to an oncoming train while neatly spreading a picnic blanket across the railroad tracks. They can be both brave and cowardly within a 10 minute period and can surprise you even if you've known them for 30 years. They can be polished, crude, diplomatic, and thoughtless. They may easily blend maturity with childishness. They can sink a plan within minutes and lose trust within seconds. They can be beautiful and maddening, impatient and tolerant, kind and cruel.

Beware of any strategy that relies upon wizards and angels. Most plans require people.

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