Tuesday, February 07, 2017


I knew a woman who always insisted on drinking from a glass. Drinking straight from a bottle or can was an unacceptable breach. She would go without rather than violate her code.

That was easy to respect. The fact that she stated her terms in her native New Orleans accent made them all the more admirable.

Some other quirks I've encountered:
  • Never buying a car in any color other than white.
  • Refusing to be photographed. [Some of those people may have had good reason.]
  • Always having a second bowl of soup.
  • Beginning a novel by reading its last page.
  • Wearing a bow tie..
  • Buying a new car every year.
  • Editing a paper by reading it out loud in various accents.
  • Always using a fountain pen with green ink.
  • Using a cigarette holder and smoking nothing but English Oval cigarettes.
Ones you have seen?


Ron Weiss said...

Wanting a straw to drink my beverage.

Michael Wade said...


Straws: the source of many quirks!