Friday, April 21, 2017


My knee hurts. 

Not the one that got messed up many years ago when I was with the Army of the Potomac but the other one. 

The good one.

I have a ton of things to do and nursing a bum knee is not on my list. Spent some time last night looking for a password which I failed to enter in the ultra-secret password book (I know, I know) and so I have taken the advice of FutureLawyer and have purchased 12 smartwatches. No, wait, not that advice. I've gone on LastPass and have begun The Long March to store my passwords in a secure spot where I'll only need to remember ONE password.

I feel better already.

In the meantime, I'm hauling out the Sloan's Liniment that I've stored in the back of a drawer lest my wife read the expiration date and throw it out. I don't think it even has an expiration date but if it did I'd ignore it because I subscribe to the notion that medicines improve with age. Besides, the stuff is supposed to hurt. I've heard that the new stuff is a weak version of the killer liniment that was so much a part of my tormented childhood but that just means I'll put on more.

I've tried ointments and the fancy icy stuff that turns hot. This knee demands serious heat.

I'll know it's working when every password I've ever known flashes before my eyes.

[UPDATE: The Sloan's worked. Great stuff.]

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