Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Starbucks Experience: In But Not Of

Cultural Offering and FutureLawyer weigh in on Starbucks.

FutureLawyer likes Panera Bread which is so yuppified it makes Starbucks look like a steelworkers' bar. [If there are any videos of Cultural Offering at Panera Bread, please send them along.]

I like Starbucks. It is a convenient and comfortable meeting spot. I ignore the computer users who are tapping away at, no doubt, the next War and Peace. The Americano is a nice watered-down version of their strong coffee. When ordering I still use small, medium, and large rather than their menu lingo. That immediately signals "out of touch" to the staff and thus is desirable.

One item: I have not noticed the shoes of the other customers. 

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