Monday, September 11, 2017

I Have Seen The Future

Cultural Offering gives some examples from a BBC site that uses pidgin English. 

Some of you know that I am reading at least one Shakespeare play a month. I wonder how The Bard would regard modern English. 

Anyway, the rise of tech-speak (u 2 bz?) and the adoption of English as a universal language may produce even more pidgin in the future.

There is a utility to pidgin that's hard to deny. I wish I could speak pidgin Russian or Chinese. The series of books by Benny Lewis on "language hacking" - where you plunge into speaking the language without worrying about perfection - are in that practical mode.

One of many downsides is that a person who can read Shakespeare can usually read pidgin but one who can only read pidgin will have a hell of a time with Shakespeare.

And that would be a loss.


Anonymous said...

Not only can they not read Shakespeare, they can't read Jefferson. - Bobboccio

Michael Wade said...


Reading Jefferson and "Julius Caesar" is good for us all.