Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving's Pie Choices

It is strange how pie dominates the dessert menu at Thanksgiving.

Cake, which in many respects is far superior, is rarely seen unless it is cheesecake, which is really a pie with a false passport. 

Of course, pie has powerful advocates and the only dessert debate on Thanksgiving is over which type of pie should be served. [The cake lobby has to be satisfied with its dominance of the birthday market. Whoever heard of a birthday pie?]

An old friend of mine recently declared a strong preference for strawberry rhubarb pie, a choice which has made me question his sanity and our friendship. Pumpkin, of course, is a safe and noble choice as is pecan but more exotic options are gaining in popularity. French Silk, a chocolate pie, is always nice to have on hand lest the chocolate addicts suffer withdrawal and I suspect many a silent cake-lover snares a slice.

Which ones am I missing?

[Photo by Donna at Unsplash]


Kurt Harden said...

Pumpkin cake here.

Michael Wade said...