Monday, February 19, 2018

Biographies of Leaders

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The tendency to jump from George Washington to Thomas Jefferson overlooks a man who was a leader almost in spite of himself. 

David McCullough's biography of Adams provides a fascinating view at an astute political thinker who attracted followers through competence and integrity.

It is not only a book to read but to re-read.


Texas Leigh said...

I picked this biography up after a visit to Boston and loved it. David McCullough is amazing and so were John Adams (and Abigail). I could read it again...but now I'm reading "Washington, A Life" by Ron Chernow. What we owe to our amazing founders is beyond comprehension.

Michael Wade said...

Texas Leigh,

It is a great book. I also have the Chernow book on Washington but haven't started it yet.

We were very fortunate to have an extraordinary group of people around at the start of this nation.