Saturday, February 24, 2018

Ten Minutes!

I recall an article in The Wall Street Journal a few years back that revealed the results of a study - yes, there is always a study of some sort - finding that the makers of microwavable food sought to keep their products' cooking times within 10 minutes. 


Because Americans believe that any cooking that takes longer than that is "serious cooking."

We want it now. Ten or eleven minutes of prep time may create a state of famine, rendering us barely able to crawl to the table.

I recently remembered that finding while doing the following:
  • Waiting for a small document to download;
  • Drumming my fingers while an email message took forever - it seemed like forever - to be sent;
  • Staring at a microwave as it heated a cup of tea.
We all have our areas of impatience. For example, I am the soul of patience while in traffic. Delays rarely bother me. Sainthood is in order. On the other hand, waiting on people who are late to a meeting triggers a strong desire to lock the door.

I'm trying to work through that.

What are the "time triggers" in your life?

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