Tuesday, February 27, 2018


A vintage analog clock showing what it is by the time before the alarm beeps.

You need time to think. You need time to complete projects. You need time to rest. 

You need meaningful time. 

Two or three minutes here or there won't be sufficient. A few hours or days might not do the trick. Time is the universal currency and and yet we underestimate its significance. We focus on money and staffing and technology - all of which are important but time is the real ruler and often it is a tyrant.

What do top decision makers need? Time. What do people in the most risky situations need? Time. And that is one of the cruel jokes that time plays on people. Those who need it the most have it the least. They are beset by grasping people who want some of their time.

That's why presidents and heads of large organizations have gatekeepers; smooth-talking filters to keep out those who would squander the decision maker's time.

If you don't have a gatekeeper, then that job is yours.

How good of a gatekeeper are you?

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