Monday, April 15, 2019

And Now for Something Very Different

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Some novels that are sort of "out there" can enliven the imagination. Here are a few to consider.
  • "Zeroville" - Steve Erickson. Very strange main character and an equally strange plot with a lot of trivia about Hollywood. As for the ending, I'm still not certain what took place.
  • "The Price You Pay" - Aiden Truhen. One of the best-written books I've read. Bizarre, funny, and fascinating. I re-read it a few months later and will be reading it again.
  • "Wild Seed" - Octavia Butler. Strange science fiction from a major sci-fi writer. I just started this one.
  • "Mr. In-Between" - Neil Cross. The main character is a hit-man, the others are London criminals, and they don't much like one another.
  • "Europe in Autumn" - Dave Hutchinson. Odd doings in a very fractured Europe of the future.
  • "Method 15/33"  - Shannon Kirk. A crime story in which the young and pregnant kidnap victim is no one to mess with.
  • "Cosmocopia" - Paul Di Filippo. Steampunk well done. Let's say you enter another world in which you are the odd creature.
  • "Soulless" -  Gail Carriger. A woman in Victorian times is standard stuff. In this case she doesn't have a soul and she's dealing with werewolves and vampires.

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