Saturday, June 15, 2019

There is a Bacon Cheese Burger Exception

flat lay photography of fruits on plate

. . . [T]he writer Mary Eberstadt notes that we live at a bizarre moment when it is nearly impossible to speak with any moral judgment about sexual practices - but a great deal of moral and philosophical energy is spent on the subject of food. You wouldn't dare say that someone ought not put this part there with that person. And you wouldn't say it because (a) your peers wold think you a troglodyte and (b) you don't really think it's wrong. It's just a lifestyle choice. Maybe it's not for you, but who are you to judge? Food, on the other hand, is different. It's morally elevated to eat organic grains and eggs that come from cage-free hens. You're a better person if you only eat locally grown produce. A better person, still, if you don't eat meat. And the best people eat with one eye always - always! - on "sustainability." Whatever that is. On the subject of food, some lifestyle choices are better than others. And we're not afraid to say so.

- Jonathan V. Last

[Photo by Jannis Brandt at Unsplash]

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