Monday, September 23, 2019

Window or Aisle Seat?

Over the years I've heard many people express a preference for the aisle seat and I always have a quick response: they're wrong.

The window seat is clearly superior. You can sleep. You don't have drink carts bumping into you. You can admire the scenery or check on whether the engines are aflame. Granted, the aisle seat has its moments when the flight is over and people are departing the plane or if you have to take restroom breaks. In most cases, however, that advantage is slight and fleeting. The window seat's advantage can last for hours.

The middle seat, of course, is no one's first choice. It has no emotional advantages other than the pity of strangers who see you squished between two linebackers. Most window and aisle people will surrender the armrests to the middle seat passenger. That's a tacit acknowledgement that the sad little middle seat deserves some charity.

In an ideal world, the middle seat would not exist. On the happy day when it disappears - don't hold your breath - still go for the window seat. 

It is the seat. 

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