Wednesday, September 18, 2019


"An hour and a half is ideal, but two hours will work."

"They want to get back to work."

"Can you blame them? They know things are piling up while they're away. That's why they'd rather attend training that's just down the hall than have to drive to some hotel."

"I've noticed that people don't talk with one another during breaks. The phones emerge and they stare at them. I always wonder whether things are so pressing they can't be away for a few hours."

"It's a habit. Most of what they see on the phone could wait. It's also a thing the cool kids do, even if they're fifty-five."

"But they miss a chance to make connections."

"True, but that would take them outside of their cocoon. With the phone, you can go somewhere else but not really be somewhere else."

"And it wouldn't be cool."

"Absolutely. Start chatting away and people will think you're Gomer Pyle."

"I doubt if many of them know who Gomer Pyle is."

"They probably don't, but they'll still think you resemble him if you start talking."

"I'm going to do that anyway."

"Be my guest, Gomer."

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