Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Planning: Normandy and Beyond

Eisenhower's general plan to win the war in Europe beginning with the Normandy Invasion:

  1. Land on the Normandy coast.
  2. Build up the resources needed for a decisive battle in the Normandy-Brittany region.
  3. Pursue on a broad front with two army groups - one to gain necessary ports and reach the boundaries of Germany and threaten the Ruhr, and the other to link up with forces to invade France from the south.
  4. Secure ports in Belgium, Brittany, and the Mediterranean and build up a base along the western border of Germany.
  5. While building up forces, keep up an unrelenting offensive to wear down the enemy and gain advantages for the final fight.
  6. Complete the destruction of enemy forces west of the Rhine, while constantly seeking beachheads across the river.
  7. Launch the final attack as a double envelopment of the Ruhr, and follow up with an immediate thrust through Germany.
  8. Clean out the remainder of Germany.

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