Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Valuable Experiences

brown dried leaves on sand

A few experiences that can bring important perspectives:

  • Having capable competitors or adversaries and knowing their worth;
  • Losing a fight or two along the way;
  • Almost finishing a lengthy project and then realizing that it will have to be done over;
  • Gaining support from the most unlikely of quarters;
  • Catching yourself in a lie;
  • Comparing your reputation with your character;
  • Discovering that, regardless of your reservations, you really are the best person for the job;
  • Forgetting something that you thought you'd never forget;
  • Analyzing and changing a long-held assumption;
  • Preventing a crisis;
  • Understanding an enemy; 
  • Losing a cherished friend; and
  • Realizing that something very important depends on you.

[Photo by sydney Rae at Unsplash]

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