Monday, January 13, 2020

"Poems for Lovers"

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Rick Georges, The FutureLawyer, is a man of many talents: lawyer, techie, blogger, parrot advocate, smartwatch collector, and poet.

His new book of poems is now available at Amazon. I've placed my order and am planning dramatic readings. 

Because all poetry should be read aloud.


Richard (Rick) Georges said...

Thanks, Michael. Of course, I would have given you a free copy. :-) But, thanks for getting the sales off the ground. Wait, I ordered and paid for a couple of YOUR books. Never mind. :-)
Thanks anyway.

Michael Wade said...


You are more than welcome.

This is my second volume of your poetry.

You keep writing them. I'll keep buying them.


FutureLawyerRickGeorges said...

A Review of Poems for Lovers (Richard M. Georges)
for Realistic Poetry International; Heaven Smith (H.J)
- Revised version: August 9th, 2020 (final)
The vivid imagery of which this book entails has us spellbound from start to finish.
Incredible and awe-inspiring, this is a phenomenal collection that is sure to become an instant
favorite for many; perhaps even beloved by generations, in a timeless way!
The artwork is just as appealing; Simple, yet clear – not needing much to captivate an audience
nor to induce a deeply moving current of empathy. The complex interplay of passion and grief,
love and regret, is a bittersweet indulgence that has an undeniable pull. “Vigil”, “Tarot”, and
“Picasso” are some of our favorite pieces, overall, due to the sheer amount of vibrant energy.
Poems for Lovers pays homage to and bestows some much overdue respect for the quiet
opportunities and small mysteries of life that can become mundane. As such, as we read, we are
asked to give consideration to that which tends to otherwise become oversimplified or go
unnoticed – including many unique views and grievances that we are so often taught to quickly
brush away.
Richard M. Georges is an exquisite poet. Poems for Lovers is a masterpiece that will command
your full attention and help you believe in grace and in the importance and strength of
tenderness, once more.
It has a bright presence that is akin to the stars, themselves. This collection is top tier and it is our
continued hope that Poems for Lovers will receive every accolade that it deserves; but, for now,
we bestow a rating of 5 stars and are humbly honored for the chance to view it. Check it out for
yourself, as soon as you can.
From start to finish, this book holds a treasure trove of wisdoms and emotional cycles – all of
which are clearly crafted with the utmost care and finest wisdom. One particular stanza from the
piece titled “Dancer” on page 81 provides a great summary [sic]:
“ The ink adorned the page
As if carefully placed
Like jewelry on a beautiful woman “
You will absolutely not be disappointed!
Heaven J. Smith (H.J)
Reviewed on: August 6, 2020 - For Realistic Poetry International.
Revised: August 9th –

Michael Wade said...

Very impressive!