Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Level and Rule

gray bird standing beside warning signage near body of water during daytime

The project sounded very interesting. The work certainly would have been lucrative but the situation evoked a level of uneasiness which in turn triggered one of my rules. That rule is simple: Whenever that level of uneasiness is reached, say no. 

I have never regretted those decisions. The rule is important because it keeps me from telling myself stories and ignoring warning signs. It is a rule, not a suggestion, and so must be obeyed.

[Photo by Tyler B at Unsplash]


Richard (Rick) Georges said...

Amen. If they pay you, they can tell you what to do. If your gut tells you that there is something wrong, there usually is. You can't always avoid those situations; but, you can avoid many of them.

Michael Wade said...


You are absolutely correct.


Julian said...


I've shared your blog on Twitter -- or will do, once I get around to pressing the post button. I love this advice and the fact that Rick has also chimed in. As a former solicitor in private practice, I very much wish I'd followed your rule: it would have saved me a lot of grief and sleepless nights.

Best wishes

Michael Wade said...


I've been where you've been and it is a memorable experience.

I developed the rule when I found myself about to go into another snake pit. My conclusion was that it is very easy to tell yourself "This time will be different" when there is really no evidence to support that.

Best wishes,