Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Random Thoughts

When assessing the health of a person or an organization, examine "the daily incrementals" and ignore the "strategic plan." ~ When an item that has never appeared before is added to a detailed and lengthy report, that item is the first thing to explore. ~ A job that is flawlessly performed in terms of technical quality is not admirable if it serves a flawed purpose. ~ If someone makes a job seem easy that does not mean it is an easy job. ~ The surest way to provide great customer service is to hire nice people. ~ Monasteries could make a great deal of money if they rented out rooms by the month to people who were willing to adopt a vow of silence, do some manual labor, and eat a lean diet. ~ We should remove calculators from elementary schools and high schools. ~ No matter how fancy the television, the most important mechanism is the "off" switch. ~ A high school that gave a certificate for serious knowledge of reading, writing, and arithmetic would find those students to be in high demand even if they didn't graduate. ~ The wish of millions: to decrease fear and increase control.

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