Wednesday, March 04, 2020

When a Virus is Out There

selective focus photo of cup of ice cream

Readers of this site know that I am a germaphobe. With the Coronavirus "out there" one of my natural questions is whether I should alter my activities.

Client meetings? Still having them. 
Mega-public gatherings? Nope. [But that's hardly a sacrifice because I tend to avoid them anyway.]
Shopping? Still doing it.
Library? Still going.
Bookstores? Definitely still going.
Storing groceries in case it gets weird? Due to the ongoing electrical grid vulnerability, we have enough basic food if it makes sense to stay home.
Convincing wife that it makes sense to stay home? Doubtful.
Air travel? Perhaps. Air travel is hellish enough without worrying about a cloud of coughs in an enclosed lawn dart. On the other hand, if I had to go to London or Paris, I'd be on that flight.
Trips to "certain" countries? Not for a while.

Do I use hand sanitizer more than usual? Yes, but not much more.

In short, I am going full zen mode on this one. Use some common sense. Kick back. Listen to the rocks grow. Read some Marcus Aurelius and get stoic.

Those of us of quasi-advanced years can recall previous epidemics - remember swine flu? - and the panics that eventually fizzled out. 

So my advice is to slow down. Give this one a month and see where it is. 

And stock up on ice cream.

Ice cream makes everything better.

[Photo by Jason Leung at Unsplash]


strikeholddoc said...

"... And stock up on ice cream. .. Ice cream makes everything better."

Truer words were never spoken / written.

Michael Wade said...

I'm glad you agree!


Kevin M said...

I don't think hand sanitizer works on Corona as it (sanitizer) is typically anti-bacterial, not anti-viral. Good old washing hands it is!

Michael Wade said...


You're probably right and prolonged hand washing at that!