Saturday, August 15, 2020

Simple Things

white ceramic mug on table

I start the weekend by doing simple things: making coffee, feeding the dog, getting the morning paper.

Most of the time my wife stays in bed, enjoying the special rest that comes when one is half asleep and, in the distance, there is the faint scuttle of chores being done by someone else. 

That last part doubles the pleasure.

By the time she gets up, the coffee will be ready, the newspaper will be waiting, and I'll be balancing a book and an English muffin.

Which is all fine in my eyes. I like to get at the paper early, while it's pristine, because once she's read it one could swear that raccoons were fighting over the editorial page. Some article is always missing.

Simple things. 

They are the secret.

[Photo by Danielle MacInnes at Unsplash]


David Kanigan said...


Julian said...

Morning/Afternoon Michael.

We're on the same page. It's the routine I love as much as anything else -- especially the dog walk.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Kindest, Julian

Michael Wade said...




Same to you. I'm very glad you are back to blogging.