Friday, October 30, 2020

Currently Reading This Novel for the Third Time

Antonin Becvar and Josef Stankovsky were on the roof, walking around the statues. It wasn't a dangerous job - the statues were on a balustrade and the roof was relatively flat. Julius Schlesinger, a Municipal official and a candidate for the SS - not even for the Elite Guard, but the plain, ordinary SS - was afraid to go out on the roof. Had he a higher rank, he wouldn't have had to waste time like this here. He might have found more lucrative work with the Gestapo. Still, a job at Municipal was more comfortable. Anyway, how far could he advance as a former locksmith? Unless they sent him to the front, out there in the East, and that would be a bad thing. Until this moment he had been doing pretty well in the Municipal division. But now things were beginning to go wrong. 

- From Mendelssohn Is on the Roof by Jiří Weil

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