Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Office Remodeling

Should be done by mid-December.

The electric adjustable desk arrives this week. 

The large quasi-traditional desk arrives in December.

May paint one wall bright yellow.

Just to wake me up.


desertsandcastle said...

Are you getting a standing desk? What kind?

Michael Wade said...

I am getting the VIVO black electric adjustable desk.

I plan on using it in a raised position for when I teach classes via Zoom.

There are, of course, wooden raised desks but I opted for this due to convenience and price.


Matt said...

Don't do it, Michael. I once had one wall of my bedroom sunflower yellow, for the very same reason. (Also because I ran out of paint.) The colour just dominated everything else - pictures, the view, everything. Kind regards, M

Michael Wade said...


I will keep that in mind. I have been leaning more toward a subdued yellow - perhaps even a gold - based in a room I saw in a London apartment where the color actually brought out the items on the wall.

If I can find a picture of the apartment, I will post it.

Your warning, however, will be kept in mind. Right now, in fact, I am considering a gray.

Thanks for the alert!