Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Removing Lincoln

San Francisco Unified School District
takes nitwittery to a higher level.


Vince Dunn said...

I wasn't sure if I could put a face palm gif in this box, but, if you can, imagine a face palm gif. We are losing our minds. Perhaps SF should simply do as some other cities do and simply number the school, i.e. PS1, PS2 etc. At least until someone objects because their school is not "number 1".

Michael Wade said...


Fiction writers will have a tough time keeping ahead of the level of genuine weirdness that is out there.


Dan in Philly said...

We live in an iconoclastic age. This is bad, but on the plus side we get to use words like iconoclastic in conversation.

Michael Wade said...


I knew there had to be an upside.