Friday, May 21, 2021

How Many Counties Does Your State Have?

Check it out.

Texas has 254 counties. Many of them are named after politicians.

Hmm. Just imagine the number of government jobs.

My home state - Arizona - has a mere 15 counties. Most of them are named after Indians or Indian tribes.


Texas Leigh said...

Texas is proud of our 254 counties. We even have a book explaining their names. Check out Copano Bay Press and search for "The 254--How Texas Counties Got Their Names" Not all counties are named for politicians: The book covers all the pioneers, lawyers, journalists, historians, ranchers, ministers, and others honored on the Texas map. My hometown Jacksonville, is in Cherokee County. The number of counties were created so the population would not be too far from their county seats. Our largest county is bigger than Connecticut.

Michael Wade said...

Texas Leigh,

I've seen some of those county courthouses and they are indeed impressive.

Arizona's largest county is Maricopa but there are some small ones near the Mexican border.

I don't believe there was any Arizona rationale as consistent as the one in Texas. I will check out "The 254."