Friday, May 21, 2021

Presentation Basics

I watched a presentation the other night. It was a proposal by a municipal department for a major project.

Everything was smooth. The content was slick as were the slides.

Until the audience started asking questions.

They didn't ask tricky questions. Nothing came from out of left field. But the staff had to punt on several of them. Big ones. Lethal ones.

I coach people on presentations. This presentation violated several rules that I stress in my coaching sessions.

Remember, it's nothing fancy. I'm not a genius. But execution of the basics is vital and these people put to sea after drilling holes in the boat.

I suspect that the problem stemmed from two common mistakes: they fell in love with their proposal (it was pretty!) and they only solicited questions from within their circle of experts. 

If only one of them had shown the proposal to a spouse or friend in a completely different line of work and said, "I bet you can't find a problem with this." 

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