Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Through the Stacks and to the Watchtower

My current reading is composed of several books on the Third Reich and a stack of books related to loneliness, social media, and the new workplace. There also are leadership books, a book on ancient Rome, volumes on the danger of the digital world, one on digital crime, one on ergodicity (which I'm struggling to understand), and two novels (Lincoln by Gore Vidal and Involuntary Witness, a crime novel by Gianrico Carofiglio).

These are, oddly enough, a pleasant change from the news since the incompetence of the modern news media is mind-boggling. 

As for escapes, some people take to the hills or the beach. My wife and I are re-watching the extraordinary Poirot series as a way of seeing excellent plots, fine acting, and a time when architecture and fashion were far superior to the present.

Books and films are often regarded as open doors. They can also be walls. 

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