Thursday, June 03, 2021

A Visit to Judge Goldfobber

Of course Judge Goldfobber is not a judge, and never is a judge, and he is 100 to 1 in my line of ever being a judge, but he is called Judge because it pleases him, and everybody always wishes to please Judge Goldfobber, as he is one of the surest-footed lawyers in this town, and beats more tough beefs for different citizens than seems possible. He is a wonderful hand for keeping citizens from getting into the sneezer, and better than Houdini when it comes to getting them out of the sneezer after they are in.

- From "Breach of Promise" - a story in More Than Somewhat by Damon Runyan and reprinted in The Damon Runyan Omnibus [Victoria: Must Have Books, 2019]

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