Thursday, June 10, 2021

The Advantage of Coaching

The pandemic rapidly dried up most of my training workshops but, although somewhat reduced, the coaching sessions continued. Some were done over Zoom or Teams while others were in person but with a reasonable amount of distance. None of my coaching clients was infected.

Which brings up a point. A key advantage of coaching versus training is you get to know the people. You can see them improve. You can spot the areas that need reinforcement and the ones that are squared away. You hear about their progress.

Careful listening. Eye contact. A passion for the practical. I could go on with what is needed in a good coach.

The key ingredient for the coaching client, however, is simple: the person must be coachable. If that is not present, then all else is wasted. 

Fortunately, most people are receptive.

P.S. There's always one person who is silently coached throughout the process: me.

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