Friday, February 25, 2022

Putin's Goal

He's certainly not a Mussolini nor is he a Hitler. He's more like Stalin but that comparison is also thin.

Not a Franco or a Castro. Not a Salazar or a Mao.

Vladimir Putin is uniquely dangerous. He is a mechanical man produced by the Soviet machine.

I don't think he'll stop at Ukraine. He's in search of empire restoration.


Steve said...

I was completely wrong on this one. I thought it was likely that the threat of war was a bluff on Putin's part, that he'd negotiate keeping Ukraine out of NATO and acquiring outright the separatist regions, and NATO would agree. I entirely misread the threat.

Michael Wade said...


That's not a bad guess. The tipping point, I believe, is Putin has taken the measure of the current NATO leadership and has concluded that they'll go through the motions but won't do anything that will jeopardize him. He's catching them while they are weak in order to grab as much as possible and intimidate any former Soviet republics that somehow eluded his grasp.