Thursday, February 17, 2022

Social (In)Justice

Everyday citizens are increasingly confused about what's happened in society and how it happened so quickly. They hear complaints abut cultural appropriation and laments about the lack of representation of certain identity groups in the arts. They hear demands to "decolonize" everything from academic curricula to hairstyles to mathematics. They hear that only white people can be racist and that they always are, by default. Politicians, actors, and artists pride themselves on being intersectional. Companies flaunt their respect for diversity, while firing employees who disagree with progressive politics. Organizations and activist groups of all kinds announce that they are inclusive, but only of people who agree with them. American engineers have been fired from corporations like Google for saying that gender differences exist, and British comedians have been sacked by the BBC for repeating jokes that could be seen as racist by Americans.

- From Social (In)Justice: Why So Many Popular Answers to Important Questions of Race, Gender, and Identity Are Wrong - and How to Know What's Right by Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay

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