Monday, March 28, 2022

It's Not the Same

It's not the same if three people work from home and three work in the office. Why? Because even if they have the same job title, people are not interchangeable machine parts. Some of the employees may have greater experience and insight. The others may learn from them. 

You may think they are "getting the job done" if you take a limited view of the job and if "getting it done" only involves narrow measurements. But if it also includes learning from the team and supporting the team via casual tips and observations, then they might not be getting the full job done.

Jobs are more than behavior for rent. There are intangible aspects to teams. The mere presence of one team member may make a huge difference in how well the others perform, either for good or for bad.

[Photo by Eyre June Bustamante at Unsplash]

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